Zoom: popular video-conferencing app

Zoom: popular video-conferencing app


Zoom, a video-conferencing app which just became popular since the lockdown all over the world due to the global pandemic.  Seems like Zoom has been preparing for this moment since the outbreak of coronavirus in China in January And now zoom is one of the leading video-conferencing apps in the market. Since people have flocked to the service to keep up with their friends and family they have been using zoom for  various activities,many companies allowed their employees to work from home the office meeting are held on zoom, Universities and schools went online and all the classes are conducted via zoom, people are celebrating their birthdays on zoom and also the people have facetiously referred themselves as ‘zoomers’.  Now Zoom has over 12.9 million active users across the world on all platforms.


Zoom’s main features

The main features of zoom are:

One on one meetings:

You can host a free planned one on one meeting which is unlimited.

Group video-conferencing:

You can host a meeting upto 500 participants if you purchase zoom pro or business and a 100 participants on a free plan the meeting lasts upto 40 minutes.

Screen sharing:

You can host one on one or a large meeting and share your screen(they will see what you will see on your screen) with other participants.

Zoom also allows recording the meeting with the permission of the host.


Zoom privacy fixing

It is easy to use and the major advantage is that people don't need a login to join the meeting  just the meeting id or link sent by the host which is also a major disadvantage as zoom’s privacy and security are questioned after zoom-bombing. People who aren't welcomed in the meeting drop the call and broadcast offensive material. Yesterday zoom announce a 90 days freeze for fixing the privacy and security issues,  now zoom declared that they will be adding security measure to prevent zoom-bombing by turning on passwords and waiting rooms.once you join the meeting with the id you will be in the virtual room until the host allows you to join his meeting.

Zoom: popular video-conferencing app

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