YouTube downloader for PC

YouTube Downloader for PC | 4 Best YouTube Downloaders Review

YouTube Downloader for PC

Now a day, watching videos on YouTube in free time has become the hobby of most of us. It is because of YouTube being a treasure house of many videos with amazing visual events. Hence, this article speaks about YouTube downloader for PC to help you revisit the videos you like, regularly.


List of YouTube downloader for PC


As a result, of no straightforward download way on YouTube, saving a YouTube video offline was a query. Though, the following YouTube downloader for PC lets you save them from the most rugged video hosting site. 


Winx YouTube Downloader

It is one of the best downloaders to satisfy all the needs of the user. You can download the videos from all the famous sites, for example, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Facebook. Winx YouTube downloader allows:

  • To download 300+ video sites which, covers adult sites
  • Save videos in bulk at once
  • Supports the download of 4K videos 
  • Can convert the videos in the formats such as 3GP, FLV, etc

This downloader not only downloads the video at any available resolution but also helps batch downloads. Further, this free app is easy to install, and the user can change the format of downloads according to needs. 


aTube Catcher

It is a handy virus-free downloader that lets you do many things. Its built-in screen recorder feature helps you to save all the things falling on the screen. Hence, it lets you keep any on-screen video, also merging of video as well as disc burning. In the same way, the downloaded videos can convert automatically to a variety of modern formats. The speed of downloading is super-fast to save your time in the long run. On the other hand, aTube Catchers supports videos from Metacafe, Yahoo, Facebook, and DailyMotion along with YouTube.


4K Video Downloader

The 4K video downloader is an ad-free, simple, and concise YouTube downloader for PC. Besides, it is multilingual and cross-platform as it has Mac, Windows, and Linux versions. Further, it supports traditional and simplified languages such as French, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. Now, you can

  • Download entire YouTube channel
  • Convert the format to MOV, MKV, MP4, and AVI
  • With video editing feature, add subtitles, audio or watermarks

Likewise, keep track of new videos after subscribing to your favorite playlist and channels. It does not include any bundled extra functions; thus, an ideal video downloading feature.


Freemake Video Downloader

It is the fastest video downloader specialist for PC users. Freemake video downloader supports one-click mode; thus, video downloading becomes a cakewalk. Now you have to set the settings at once for downloading and converting. So, the whole operation will be away at the distance of a single click. Moreover, download the videos to WebM, MP4, Flash FLV, and 3GP formats. It can also integrate with the user's Firefox and Chrome browsers.


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Our Verdict

The YouTube downloader for PC is a perfect solution to save the videos you love, in a secure way. If video streaming is painful, choose the right downloader to save your favorite videos overnight. Therefore, you can enjoy the most awaited buffer-free video the next morning. 

YouTube downloader for PC

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