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WhatsApp plus app | download link – Read the review to know WhatsApp plus Apk Features


WhatsApp plus app is nothing more than the original modified version of WhatsApp. Changes can be seen in terms of functionality and user interface. Moreover, WhatsApp plus APK has more ahead traits than WhatsApp. However, both apps have the same licensing policies. Speaking of the icon, both apps have the same icon with distinct colors. So, the original WhatsApp has a green icon, and WhatsApp Plus has a blue icon. The WhatsApp plus app download link is free, and you can download it in your play store.


WhatsApp Plus app


WhatsApp plus app download - Amazing features

WhatsApp plus contains many useful features that let you customize your application galore. Here we talk about some of the great features that WhatsApp plus offers.


Themes Facility                                                           

WhatsApp plus provides the convenience of visual themes for users. Unlike the original WhatsApp, it offers over 700 themes to choose from. The app can directly install these themes. Further, it sorted by date, version, name, and downloads.


Emoticons – Better and More                                                     

WhatsApp, although in it, includes many laudable emoticons; WhatsApp plus has added new and new emoticons. WhatsApp plus APK users can access a variety of emoticons from Google Hangouts' emoticons. However, you can only send these emoticons if the recipient also uses WhatsApp plus. Otherwise, they can only see the question mark instead of emoticons.


Hiding Options

Added striking feature of WhatsApp plus is the ability to hide the last seen. However, the original WhatsApp also added this feature over time. Considering privacy as a significant concern, WhatsApp plus also allows users to hide their online status when using the app.


Advanced File Sharing Options

When we share files on WhatsApp, it only allows sharing up to 16 MB. WhatsApp plus, on the other hand, expands file-sharing capabilities up to 50 MB. Besides, in WhatsApp plus, you can make changes with the size of the sent files from 2 to 50 MB.


Shady deal of WhatsApp plus app 


Slow Updates

In any case, WhatsApp plus does not keep up with the original WhatsApp. Therefore, WhatsApp plus developers take too long to release new updates to support genuine ones. As a result, users must wait forever to enjoy new updates and features.


Legal Matters

Since WhatsApp plus gained popularity, its reliability has always been in doubt. Well! Google Play Store uninstalled WhatsApp plus after uninstalling DMCA from WhatsApp. And therefore, we doubt its authenticity and cannot say whether it is legal or not.


Security Issues

Also, using these modified versions of original apps can result in leaking our private conversations to the third-party developers. It is a real matter of concern too.



WhatsApp plus app is the best alternate mods WhatsApp, which uses more than 20 million people. If you are using and need an extra feature on this app, we think you should use WhatsApp plus Apk. There are many links available around. But all Apk is not the latest version of the app. And many links harmful to your Android device. So before the WhatsApp plus app download, visit a trusted website.

WhatsApp plus app

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