Upcoming Technologies that may blow your Mind


In the past five years, we have seen a massive leap in digital technology. Smartphones, cloud computing, and multi-touch tablets are all innovations that have revolutionized the way we live and work. But whether you believe it or not, we have just started. Technology will be improved. In the future, we can live like people in science fiction movies.

Google Glasses

The reality of the augmented reality has been combined with simulated experimental and educational applications, but Google has used Google Glass to improve it in a few steps. In theory, with Google Glass, you can view social media feeds, Google Maps, and text, as well as browse GPS and take photos. When you are in the area, you will likewise receive the latest updates.

Form 1

As the title intimates, 3D printing technology can transform your digital design into a real product. For the advanced machinery industry, this is nothing new, but personal 3D printers are undoubtedly revolutionary. Everyone can create their physical products based on their custom designs and does not require any significant approval by the manufacturer! Even Aston Martin, who crashed in the film James Bond, is also a producer of three-dimensional printing!

Oculus Rift

VR games come in the form of Oculus Rift. This three-dimensional speaker lets you feel the mindset that you are already in a video game. In the default Rift world, you can convert very quickly to see the world in a high-resolution screen. There are advanced products on the market that can do the same, but Rift hopes you can enjoy this experience for only $ 300, and even use this product as a development kit. This is the beginning of the next generation of game revolution.

Firefox -OS

Both Android and iOS are great, but each has its own rules and policies that will inevitably affect the developer's creative efforts. Since then, Mozilla has decided to build a new mobile operating system from scratch, focusing on openness, freedom, and user choice. This is the Firefox operating system. The Firefox operating system is built on Gaia, Gecko, and Gonk software layers - for the rest of us, it means it is an open source and comes with web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5.


Parallella will change the behavior of computers, and Adapteva will allow you to join this revolution. In short, it is the supercomputer of all. This is an energy efficient computer that can efficiently manage sophisticated software at the same time. With Parallella, real-time object tracking, and holographic head display, speech recognition will become stronger and smarter.

Google Driverless Car

While the input source is yet a hidden method, Google driverless based cars are powered by artificial intelligence, which uses input from car cameras, roof sensors, and cars connected to the radar and position sensors in different places. Imitation of human knowledge in the car sounds very hard, but so far the system has traveled 1,609 kilometers without human orders!


Upcoming Technologies that may blow your Mind

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