Top Mental Health Apps

Top Mental Health Apps


It's been a hard year for all of us. This has been hard for someone to take a break from coronavirus, flaring racial animosity, and rising economic instability. Everything has been stressing and we all are going through it. In these hard times therapy can take a longer time instead you can get immediate assistance for anxiety, stress , eating disorders, or other kinds of mental issues through the mental health apps which provide solutions seeking to make psychological coping mechanisms widely available by building from various forms of therapy and activities. 

Even if they're not a substitution for professional help, there are plenty of immensely helpful mental health applications available on App store and Playstore to tackle a range of conditions, illnesses, aspirations, and more. Below, discover a blend of intimate recesses, trusted fans, and specialist-approved features tailored to control and improve your mental health.




BetterHelp is available on android and iOS both. It provides daily online meetings with a certified psychologist to meet your requirements. Whether you're distracted, simply send texts to your psychiatrist via a private email. Daily sessions, audio/video messaging tools for seamless communication are also available. BetterHelp also provides virtual group counseling discussions on trauma , depressive thoughts, loss, and other struggles. The Plan starts from $40/week charged on a monthly basis.




Happify is available on iOS and Android.

In order to tackle depression and maximize satisfaction, Happify consists of frequent quiz questions, puzzles,  challenges & activities.  One may select any or even more ways to track their experience, featuring targets including overcoming suicidal emotions, enhancing self-confidence, and achieving career achievement. It is for free or $15 / month on a premium.




Talkspace is available on Google play and play store.

You get to choose a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Once you pair with a certified psychiatrist, you can reach and contact them 24/7. They'll respond back to you in less than a day. Talkspace supports teenagers as well as couples, too. Talkspace can also provide you with psychiatric help and what pills you should need. And furthermore, they've got a Coronavirus stress management tool to help you out through challenging times. Plans start at $65/week.




Available on iOS and Google Play.

If you have an anxiety or depressive disorder or are struggling with a bad mood swings, this app is totally recommended to use MoodTools as it includes CBT-based exercises to experience and feel a bit better. Also it provides provision for a safety strategy when coping with suicidal thoughts.

It is free or $5/month or $30/year for a premium experience.




Available on iOS and Google Play.

Calm is a meditation app which helps in Sleep, Exercise, and Relaxing. It has calming music and sound effects, mindful exercise drills, including psychedelic visuals aimed at bringing you calm. Whether you've got a busy household, Calm is the best theme tune to create a zen atmosphere. It's an application that brings peace of mind to every aspect of your life.

Plans start at $69.99 payable annually which is approximately $6 per month.

Top Mental Health Apps

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