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Find a vast option of games for Android phones in the Google Play Store. It can be a hurdle to know the real gems. So, we have picked some of the best Android games that currently exist. Some Evergreen Android Games cost a few dollars and others are free. They all give an exciting experience.


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PUBG Mobile


A huge 100-player Battle Royale game evolves into the best action shooter game of all time for mobile. Dive into giant maps packed with vehicles, tactical tools, ammunition, and weapons. Enjoy this game in classic royal combat modes. You can invade as a part of a team or as a solo player.  You must use all your best skills to defeat your enemies until you are the last man who lasted.


Dragon Ball Legends


The Dragon Ball series has endured some revival in recent ages, and it reacts to that. The game is super fun, notably if you are a Dragon Ball fan. You see fighting by a range of various levels and managing skills and characters along the way. It is also built to play in portrait mode. It makes it easy to play on the move.


Real Racing 3


Heat some rubber in a wide range of designed cars on a grand series of real tracks from around the world. It has various events to be entered, cross-platform multiplayer and many options. It is one of the best android racing games.




The most popular game in the world is available on Android. Still, you can't get it on Google Play. You can get it from the Epic Games website instead. Fortnite is a royal-style game full of strategy and colour. In the game, you have to master building structures to compete with the best. Even if you don't, it's still a good time.


Into the Dead 2


The real Into the Dead game is pure zombie death fun, and the follow-up is even more valid. In this action-packed game, you endure the zombie apocalypse as you run by maps to save your family. Along the way, grab great weapons. Do everything to put those zombies down.




Great games attain the test of time better than others. The classic arcade game Pac-Man gives gamers the run for their money since its release. It adds a few new levels to keep things fresh. The best Android game Pac-Man stays true to the original layout.


Super Mario Run


Mario fans will love this new and exciting runner from Nintendo. Super Mario Run brings many of the classic parts of the real Mario games into a slightly altered version. One of the best Android games, first only available on iOS. It has finally found its way to Android. It is just the start of Nintendo's push to mobile. It is a great first attempt.


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The best Android Games

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