The 4 Cool Social Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

The 4 Cool Social Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

We people are always trying to figure out ways to engage and connect on  social networks. And, in this age of digitization, people have found ways to be socially active on the Internet, as a result we have various social networking sites and apps.

So, in this post, we 're talking about some of the interesting social media platforms that aren't really popular (like instagram,twitter,whatsapp, facebook) but interesting in a way, where you can connect with people across the globe in various ways and also discover things. Hear about new networking networks that you can start using today.



Wakie is the weirdest but still quite interesting App, Wakie is basically a wake-up call app. Uses choose the time to get a call, go to sleep, and let the app do its thing. When you hit  the wakeup time you set before going to bed you will receive a random call by a stranger who will speak to you till you're keen to start your day.

Wakie is free and safe to use because nobody really knows your contact details or any other credentials. Wakie is an anonymous site where you are allowed to choose yourself a username and a profile picture and connect to random people from around the world.



Another anonymous chat app just for you. Basically, you pick a new picture of what you'd like from your phone and upload that off. In moments, you'll get a random picture from a stranger from either a different place around the world. you can see new things from new people all over the world!

Rando would make it easy for you to meet and chat with new friends, in a totally anon way. Just simply download the app, launch it, and strike up a conversation real quick.



Omegle chat online entertainment network. Omegle is a free online chat service that helps users to socialize with others. it is a truly anonymous app, you can use without creating an account or register through email ID . The app automatically ships users with one-on-one live chats where they chat anonymously using the names you and strangers. You can connect with people all over the world, talk and have fun together!



A friendly socializing app with a user-friendly UI, Azar lets you introduce yourselves to new people every time you click, pairing you to anonymous people via video chats.  You  can create, interact, make convos and connections that could be cherished throughout your life, talk and have fun together.


The 4 Cool Social Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

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