Ps5 : Specs and Launch

PlayStation 5

The 5th non portable Playstation is the sony’s newest console which is arriving shortly around November 12 to November 17 with a price of $499, and at a high pace new details are appearing on Sony's console.


The console will be released in two editions Ps5 and Ps5 digital edition(for $399). The PS5 would be a two-tone black-and-white control with a vertical design and curved white scales surrounding a round black box. The PS5 would be compatible with many of the PS4 games. Sony has introduced the  modification of the console it has now a DualShock called as a Dual Sense on the original Ps5.


We all know that this device is really a beast. The device will have a customized 825 GB SSD it can launch games extremely fast since it has a fast loading SSD, and also a 10.3 teraflop AMD RDNA 2 GPU for vibrant, real-like visuals. Many games play at up To 4 k at rates of 60 fps, however the device can potentially accommodate resolution of up to 8K and frame rate by up to 120 fps.


PS5 pre-orders for the Ps5 have been opened You can pre-book your Ps5 now.

Ps5 : Specs and Launch

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