How To Use Your Smartphone As Your Computer’s Webcam!

How To Use Your Smartphone As Your Computer’s Webcam!


Since the global coronavirus has us all working from home we have been setting up a home office, finding the right tech equipment is a struggle and webcams these days are shortly available. Finding your favorite webcam for work can be frustrating. Here is a fairly easy solution, You can use your smartphone as a webcam

It is a slightly different way than a webcam when you're using your smartphone as a webcam for the computer, you have to download an app on your smartphone that sends signals to the app (google Duo, Zoom or skype) on computer using Wi-Fi. This app shows the video chat app of your preference that the smartphone is now a webcam.


Choose the App you want to download to turn your smartphone into a webcam:



DroidCam is available on play store as well as the app store. It offers both free and premium versions.

The premium version of this app is DroidCamX Pro which almost costs $5. The premium version is free of unnecessary in-app ads, improves resolution to 720p, and provides with the additional camera settings, including tilt images, customize contrast and brightness, and also allows  you to turn on or off the  flashlight.

On androids through DroidCam your smartphone can also be used as an IP cam.You can simply attach your smartphone through a USB or WiFi.



The IVCam smartphone app is compatible with both android as well as iPhones, however its desktop version runs only on Windows.

IVCam is available for free, though you are limited to a specific display resolution 640 x 480.  A premium version  excludes all ads and the company's watermark  and allows other features at $8.



This app is available for $5 unlike others; it offers a free trial including full resolution video and all other app features.

The iCam app is compatible with both android and iphone also works on both Mac and Windows, and can broadcast via WiFi or a USB.

How To Use Your Smartphone As Your Computer’s Webcam!

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