Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

google pixel watch

Google was hard at work the long-rumored Google Pixel Watch might be on the way to be the flagship Google wear and battle against the Apple Watch 6 and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and all the other best smart wearable devices  in the market.

When will the watch arrive, what would it cost and would it be better than the apple and samsung wearables. Here is everything we know about it.Google is one of the fastest growing tech consumers but we haven't seen any Google wearable devices yet.

In 2018 the rumors about a google wearable device leaked which was then shut  by google, google might have planned smartwatches for 2020 or alongside the release of the Google Pixel 5.


But we are expecting the Google Pixel wearables in the start or mid of the year 2021.

The price may range from $350 to $400. We are expecting it to be a little less costly than the Apple watch.


Can not say much about the design but there are some art concepts created by James Tsai in colors Milky white , Sweet papaya and Boba black.

Google devices have one of the best software and we are definitely excited for a better smartwatch.

We are expecting it to be a high-end device which could be waterproof,best in fitness tracking and a better battery life and are definitely excited for the release. 

Google Pixel Watch

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