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Game Hacking Apps - Tools to Hack/Edit Games – Review about Top 5 Game Hacking Apps


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Playing games on phones is something people of all age groups love to do. In order to maintain all the rush and excitement, there are game hacking apps for game players. These apps rescue you from all the threats that slow down your adventure during peak hours. Now, you can edit the games or generate anything you want in them. Hence, the player does not need to spend a single coin from your pocket to get rid of any limitation.


List of Best Game Hacking Apps

The following list indicates how you can play games smoothly, avoiding ads, earning money/coins in games, and much more. 


Cheat Engine

It is one of the best game hacking apps for PC, and this software has emerged on Android as well. You can use this app to customize any game feature with just a few clicks. These features include adding invisible walls, a new character, new weapons, etc. It is a useful app, therefore, a good alternative to other editors, for example, SB Game Hacker and GameGuardian.



 Xmodgames helps you install game mods allowing cheat options onto your games. Moreover, it also has the option of AI-based gameplay and running Lua Scripts (Bots) for collecting rewards, performing raids, etc. Besides, the full-fledged app supports multiple games, for example, Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, Mine Craft, Subway Surfer, etc. Hence, Xmodgames is the best choice for the rising gaming experience to a new height. 



Creehack works very well for offline games and helps in in-app purchases free. It simulates play store and converts real money purchase to 0 dollars payment. Hence, you get all the premium game stuff; for example, free gems, gold, scores, points, etc. without an internet connection. Furthermore;

  • You do not need roots to use Creehack
  • Helps to bypass any editor security 
  • It is easy and safe to use
  • Supports the hacking of The Maze Runner, Cut the Rope, Soldiers of Glory, etc



GameGuardian is one of the best modifiers until now. It offers many things, for example, seeking unknown and encrypted values, speed hacks, unique interface, and much more. It supports x86 as well as x64 devices. Besides, it works closer to Cheat Engine, though, relatively easy and safe to use. However, you need to have basic knowledge of specific values and stuff that work in the game before using the app.  


Game Killer

It is the advanced game hacking app and, therefore, best to use for advanced gamers. The app supports Android 2.3 and later. It helps to hack offline games and sometimes online. For example, you can hack video games like arcade, racing, venture, sports, casual, etc. The Game Killer helps the video gamers who are more addicted, experience the games in a better way.



All the game hacking apps stated above are perfect in their ways. You need to select the right app based upon the type of game you are playing. These apps help you to begin an incredible journey of gaming adventure by removing all hurdles and limits. Also, read our review of the best Android games.

Game Hacking Apps

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