Chipolo Smart Key Finder Works?

Have you misplaced your keys? Find it with the smart chipolo key finder or see when you last got them. due to its tremendous out-of-range alerts and low cost, the Chipolo One is worth considering.

The chipolo classic is a bluetooth tracking system with replaceable battery.Chipolo Classic has batteries that are easy to recharge (CR2025). These batteries last till nine months. Replacement of the battery is simple and takes one minute of your time, without any tools needed.Chipolo Smart Key Finder has a 200 ft Work Range and 92dB Alarm Sound.

Attach your Chipolo to anything you want to track, and attach it to your android or iphone phone's Chipolo app.Use the Chipolo app to trigger out-of-range notifications, and when you leave your Chipolo behind, you'll get an on-screen notification.

chipolo key finder

Tile provides a similar feature but it is available only if you upgrade to Tile Premium, an optional $3 a month package.

The Chipolo One ends up costing $25, offering discounts when you purchase  in bulk . (For example, a four-pack cost $75.) While you can find cheaper key trackers for less, Chipolo's price stands in stark contrast with Tile's top trackers, while the Tile Pro costs $35.

The chipolo is available in 6 colors: red, black, white, yellow, green, blue.

Chipolo Smart Key Finder Works?

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