Best Camera Apps for Android

Best Camera Apps for Android 2020 – Capture Moments in High Quality


best camera apps for android

In this fast world, all want to catch the most cherished moments with loved ones to document life. However, it is quite hard to carry full DSLR everywhere for better and real clicks. In this way, many people rely on their phones to take photos and videos as the primary source. However, the built-in camera might not let you get the right results. On the other hand, with the best camera apps for android, it has become easy to snap the amazing photos with little or no work.


Top List of Best Camera Apps for Android


Our list has apps that work even in dim light, add any trait that you want; hence, they are more reliable. 


Camera MX


It is the best camera apps for android as it gives full control over resolution and fines the images. The app has plenty of options, e.g., GIF, Gallery, live shits, and ''Shoot the Past''. With this attractive spec, even after taking the photo, capture the perfect moment of it. Moreover, there are some filters, effects, frames, etc. for image editing and creating lively images. However, it is one of the oldest apps but quite popular due to up-to-date and trendy points. It is due to the formers' hard work in updating it regularly. Download this one solution app today from Google Play Store with zero costs.


Footej Camera


It is the new camera app with a minimal user interface, which ensures easy use for amateur shooters. Footej Camera uses Android's 2API camera; hence, it gives full access to manual control. It includes,


  • Shutter speed control
  • Slow-motion video recording 
  • Animated GIFs and ISO
  • RAW format and burst mode


Along with its union with the gallery, the app forms JPEG images, add an extra 10 seconds in time-lapse, and more. You can try this app free without worrying about any severe bugs.


Google Camera (GCAM)


You cannot ignore Google Camera while finding the best camera apps for android. Google's official app is already in Google Pixel devices, but you can also download it free on other Android devices. The useful set of traits have photospheres, lens blur mode, HDR+, portrait mode, etc. The app's amazing Night Sight focus lets you take great photos in the dark as well. Google's official camera app is free and very useful.


Open Camera


Open Camera is entirely free, with no strings of in-app buying or ads. Its open-source nature has loved by many artists. Either by touch or by voice calls, you can get your photos snapped. Moreover, you can easily optimize the platform left or right-handed. Not only has this, but the app also supports:


  • Scene modes, focus modes, HD videos, and auto-stabilizer
  • Configurable volume keys, hand remote control and support for an external mike
  • HDR and geotagging of photos 


For serious shooters, it is one of the best camera apps for android based upon its points.




The best camera apps for android have made it easy to find the best out of the bunch. No matter what type of camera app your phone has, with apps, you have a great camera in your pocket. In this way, take and edit photos with a change in image quality. Also, read the review of android photo editing apps to edit your pictures and the best apps for making videos.


Best Camera Apps for Android

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