Best Apps to Learn Languages

Best Apps to Learn Languages at your Fingertips – Economic Ways to Have Language Lessons


Many people now a day want to learn Spanish, German, or any other language than the mother tongue. It is due to chat with a friend, order meals on holiday or to add a skill. Develop a grammar, build vocabulary, and become fluent in the language you love by our top picks of best apps to learn languages. The lessons provided are so easy to digest and retain for future use. Further, these apps have courses that spark your interest to lead learning easier. 


Best Apps to Learn Languages


Best Apps to Learn Languages - Top Picks


Check the details of each app below and choose the one that helps you to reach your goal.




Memrise is a free app that supports offline courses, too, which helps to learn various languages. Either start from the simple course or move directly to the advanced lessons based upon your ability. Moreover, it links new words with the same-sounding words of your native language to help to memorize. On the other hand, you can download the app or use it online via a web browser. 




Babbel is the best apps to learn languages due to its focus on conversational learning. Hence, the grammar rules come along with your progress that fills the speaking gaps. Further, 10-15 minutes of lessons cover all abilities for all sorts of learners. The app:


  • Teaches new words and phrases
  • Demands you to spell them and speak aloud
  • Supports English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, etc 




This app takes the learning to the advanced level of games, which keep your interest in proceeding from the start. Each of the seven languages comes with tiny games that help you to learn and practice. These games have conceptual lessons that can be tested while playing. Further, it has a cheerful and demanding design that lets you use more even after you master your skill.




Mondly is a colorful app with various specs, even if you do not subscribe to premiums. One of its unique features is the instructor, which uses the melodic way to speak the words and phrases. In this way, it helps the learner easy to recall even after a long time. Further, it has translations, images, and auditory aids to enhance the learning style.




In order to learn the basics quickly before the foreign trip, Bussu is quite handy. Here, you get to learn the words alone or in sentences which tested later in the form of quizzes. This app:


  • Offers courses in 12 languages
  • Have Beginner, Elementary, Inter, or Travel courses
  • Offers native pronunciation


All the lessons are in topical themes that help to develop skills and expressions related to tasks. You also get ranked with points "berries'' based upon your activity.


Our Verdict


Our list of the best apps to learn languages make your research easy to find the economic ways to have language lessons. Hence, you do not need to go back to school to learn a language to enrich yourself, for a holiday, or study abroad. Moreover, you can use the apps to make friends and sharpen the skills you are learning!

Best Apps to Learn Languages

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