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Best App Period Tracker – Top Period Tracking Apps - Follow Your Cycle's Progression Every Month


Best App Period Tracker


How does it feel that you are on a date or wake up in the morning, and your period makes a surprise visit? It will surely spoil your mood and turn all things worse. Hence, there is a way to keep track of your emotions and signs by the best app period tracker. With their help, you know when to hit the drugstore for a pad and a packet of chocolates. In this way, your periods will not amaze you anymore.


List of the Best App Period Tracker


Our list of the apps below not only limit surprise scenario but also, helps to pinpoint what is wrong. You get the idea about the average period, which in turn helps fertility issues.




The clue is the best app period tracker that helps you to know more about your body. Many other doctors use the Clue app for themselves. It has all the tracking options of everything happening inside your body during the cycle. For example, PMS headaches, period-induced pimples, cramps, etc. Hence, whatever info the app collects, it helps you to detect all anomalies through analysis. Moreover, you can easily follow your cycle; this, in turn, helps in conceiving as well.


Eve Tracker App


Eve is the need of every woman who wants to have control over her sex life and menstrual cycle. It has a society of women who empower each other, talks easily about sex, nasty cramps, and giving tips. Besides, you can also take part in sex quizzes. Hence, it is more than just a period, sex, and mood tracker. Furthermore, Eve has tons of features, for example, ''Cyclescope'' which tells you where you stand in your cycle. You get to enjoy the eye-catching icons and graphics. 



Period Tracker Health Calendar


Period Tracker Health Calendar has always been a user favorite with a rating of four and a half stars. It has full features along with synchronization with your calendar. Furthermore, bar graphs are showing your moods and fertility. When all your period info syncs with your calendar, it becomes easy to see all the dates in one place. On the other hand, you can also share useful info with your doctor.


Flo Period and Ovulation


The best app period tracker assures you to do more than a simple period track. All the women can access it with the issues, for example, irregular cycles, menopause, or casual period symptoms. Once you record the signs, Flo turns them into fruitful info about your health. Moreover, you can change your lifestyle because it guides you to the best activities and food to eat. In this way, get more ideas about your exercise, sleep, physical activity, and water intake. On the other hand, it is password-protected, so your friends and family will know nothing about your periods.




Each app has its features; they depend upon correct input from the user to generate the best results. Those results can be the date of the next period, an estimated day of ovulation, etc. Therefore, it is always good to have data in your hand through the best app period tracker. Now, read our review of the best apps for weight loss.

Best App Period Tracker

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