Apps to watch movies

Apps to watch movies | 6 Best Apps to watch movies | Updated Review


Apps to watch movies


Best Free apps to watch movies and apps for Streaming on Android and iOS.  Now, there are many ways to watch movies without slipping into cinemas. Android or iOS, there are thousands of free apps on the Google Play Store. And Appstore, making it difficult to choose the best free video streaming apps.

Free movie download apps can access horror, action, comedy, documentary, family, and many other movie types.


Best apps to watch movies – Top Picks

As if you were looking for free movie apps to watch them. The result will return many free video apps for Android and iOS. We selected some of the best film apps tested and reviewed.



Like YouTube, you may not be aware that the Vimeo mobile app also allows you to download and stream movies. They have tons of free collection to watch movies. Their primary focus is to include action, animation, comedy, and wars. You can also watch incredible documentaries on this app for free. They also have an on-demand movie section where you can buy your latest movies for the watch.



Viewster is available for iOS and Android. This app can download on the variety of devices, even those that are currently in development. Viewster is another platform for users that offers free reading and free movie downloads.



The best of this application is its feature-rich user interface. All the features you need to jump directly to your favorite movie are stacked in the sidebars and navigation bar. The homepage shows you the recommended movies. Also, and the latest movies that may be useful if you do not know what to watch.



YouTube is not specifically an online movie viewing app but still allows you to download and stream movies. It is usually a pre-installed app on most Android phones. But, if it is not installed, you can easily install this app from the Google Play Store. It is a free app, and you do not have to pay any fees to watch. And download movies or other content on YouTube.


Big Star Movies

Big Star Movie app is also a free app for online streaming and downloading movies over the internet. This movie app is mainly a perfect app for watching foreign films. This app contains a thousand movies in its database.

Big Star Movie provides different categories of films such as foreign films and documentary films and short films.


Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a new application for watching movies online on Android and iOS. It is also a free application and does not cost any money to use it. Using this app, you cannot watch movies online, but you can also download movies on your smartphones via this app.


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We have tried to list the best free apps to watch movies for Android and iOS. They are not only secure but also offer the best content. Part of this review also involved testing the apps and taking into account the opinions of users and experts. But still, it is advisable to look clearly at the reviews on the app before installing it.

Apps to watch movies

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