Apps to Download Free Music in 2020-21| 5 Top Picks

Apps to Download Free Music


Apps to Download Free Music



Sometimes we don't have internet available. Therefore, we need some apps to download free music. It helps us to enjoy music at any time as well as storing music on our phone. It is also better than listening to music on the radio because of the variety available in music. We can listen to songs of our choice and that even without annoying long commercial breaks. You can also customize your playlist. Likewise, download apps to download free music as much as you want.


Many people face difficulty in finding good apps to download free music. Everything on the internet is not safe and secure.


As a result, many hackers try to access data with the help of these apps. So we pick up the top 5 apps to download free music on your phone. These are reliable and fully secure apps. Hence, you can get apps to download free music any of your choices.


Top 5 apps to download free music


1. Free Music Download Offline Mp3 Music Download App

This app is offered on the Google play store. It has 21,657 reviews scoring 4.5. You can sync and download from your playlist from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, etc. You can search for music and podcast online and save it to listen later.

2. Spotify

It is free on android phone tablet. You can create your playlist here and can also choose a ready-made playlist depending upon your mood. You can listen to music by selecting an artist or album.

It also has a premium feature that is ad-free and you can enjoy 30 days free trial before upgrading.


It is one of the top apps to download free music. It is free with lyrics of songs that are available for stream and download. You can also listen to your chosen radio and select the music list of editors depending on your taste. Similarly, It is available on Google Play Store which makes it secure.

4. Amazon Alexa

This app is not only for music but creating a shopping list; get news updates and much more. You can connect it to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Amazon Alexa can be played on all Alexa enabled devices. You can organize your day by viewing and editing shopping list, to-do list, alarm. In addition, you can get news updates, weather information and much more.

5. Apple Music

Apple Music can be taken from the Google Play Store. It has 50 million songs from the apple catalog. It also has a profile system where you can follow your friends to see what they are listening to. You can get your personalized recommendations based on what you liked earlier or updated. It also has exclusive content like documentation, TV shows of a favorite artist.

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We hope you like our review of apps to download free music. Based on reviews we can say these apps are not only for 2020-21 but for whole life depending on availability.

Apps to Download Free Music in 2020-21| 5 Top Picks

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