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Android vs. iOS | Google's Android and Apple's iOS 


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Apple's iOS and Google's Android are operating systems for mobile techs. It is such as tablets and smartphones. Android (partially open source and Linux based) is more like a PC than an iOs. Its primary roles and interface are usually more viable from the bottom up. Still, the unified design details of iOS are rarely held to be more user-friendly. Read our reviews of Android and iOS. It allows you to pick which one is best for you.


Android vs. iOS -Strength of the Operating System and Apps

The Mobile Experience Report (March 2014), rated Android KitKat as a more potent company than iOS 7.1. Other verdicts of the report cover:

Gingerbread of Android 2.3 owns the highest total crash rate of 1.7%. Other versions of Android (Chitchat, Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich) have a crash rate of only 0.7%.

The crash rate of iOs 7.1 is 1.6%. Rates for iOS 5 and iOS 7.0 are 2.5% and 2.1%, respectively.

Phone versions of iOS and Android are more stable than tablet versions.

The crash rate of the app varies by category. The game is most likely to crash (rate 4.4%). E-commerce apps have a low crash rate (0.4%).


Upgrades of the Software

Google regularly does update on Android. Mobile phone producers may not allow the new version of Android upgrades. Even for all tablets and phones in their output line.

iOS upgrades are usually open to all iOS devices. Mobiles that are more than three years old may exclude. Or for some features (such as Siri) are available for iPhone 4S users. Though, it does not apply to older versions of the iPhone.


Features for calls

Android lets users send one of a variety of self-written texts in an auto-response when they reject a call.

The iOS phone app has many traits. It also has a "Do Not Disturb" mode.

It includes the use of taped SMS to answer calls. It is an option of coming back with or placing a callback notice.



Apps such as Bing, Waze, and Google Maps are available for iOS and Android. Google released Maps for iOS in 2012 (Dec). IOS has excelled in the version ready for Android in terms of usability, design, and features. The version from Android is not expected to stay behind. The Apple Maps app that came with every iOS device was widely used when it launched with iOS 6.



The security of your iOS or Android design is as secure as the software updates that have applied to it. It is where iOS shines due to the splint nature of the eco-system of the Android. Apple sets free software updates and makes them available for all iOS devices. On Android, Google is releasing security fixes and software updates for Nexus devices.



IOS wins when it comes to protecting user's private info. Until Marshmallow 2015 issued on Android, the user got all the support that the app was asking when installing apps on Android. E.g., Pandora's mobile app on Android asks permission for call info, calendar, contacts, media, photos, files, and Google identity. The use of Pandora on iOS does not prop any such terms.

Many people have shifted from iPhone to Android. Google's ecosystem connection with Android is very active and robust compared to Apple's cloud services suite.

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Android vs. iOS

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