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Android Photo Editing Apps | Top Picks

                      Android Photo Editing Apps


Photo editors enable you to add features to your clicked pictures. These apps help you make your photos catchy. With android photo editing apps, add shine, orientation, contrast, and many more. There are many free apps with attractive filters and effects.


Android Photo Editing Apps – Top Picks


Read our article on free photo editing apps. And try your hands on them to make your photos better.


Pixlr: It is also known as Pixlr Express. This app is simple for beginners but also has expert editing software. Stylize your photos with pencil drawings, doodle, and ink sketches. It has cosmetic editing tools that attract girls, especially. These tools help in teeth whitening, spot removing, etc.


With this free android app, create a collage of 25 photos. The pictures are better by layouts, backgrounds, etc.


Snapspeed: Snapspeed is an excellent android photo editing app. The user-friendly interface makes Snapspeed easy to use. You have to click on the screen to open up any file. You have 29 different tools, along with a variety of filters. It also supports RAW photos. With the selective brush tool, edit a specific portion. The app offers a dark theme mode.

Snapspeed is a free app with zero ads. Once you did the editing, you can save it easily. You can share on social networks also.


Photoshop Express: This app is entirely free to download. You get to save from ads too. This Android Photo Editor has features of a flip, straighten, crop, etc. Photoshop Express has filters, colors, effects, auto fix, and frames to improve photos.

It has an Image Rendering Engine tool to work on large files. It provides 80 filters. This app enables you to share pictures on social accounts.


Fotor Photo Editor: It is known as a simplified version of Photoshop. This app has highly advised for editing. There is a wide range of filters and effects. Choose anyone from 100 filters.

Other features are saturation, RGB, tint, etc. With 10 'Edit' functions, you can enhance your photos.

You can make colorful collages with collage templates, e.g., Classic and Magazine.

This app has ads but free to download.


PicArt: It is one of the favorites among the users of photo editing apps. It has downloaded by around 250 million people. PicArt supports a variety of brushes. You also get many options to edit your images. There are stickers, frames, layers, masks, etc.

Now you need not worry about your device camera. This app adjusts the photos you capture.


Toolwiz Photos Pro-Editor: It is an all-in-one PRO photo editor. It is easy to use and one of the best photo editors. You get a vast collection of art and magic filters. The users capture elegant selfies with skin polishing tools.

It has more than 200 powerful tools. There are filters, saturation options, swap faces, and fun collages.


Our Verdict:

There are hundreds of Android photo editing apps. You can choose any useful app to make changes to your photos. Every app varies from the other due to filters, effects, and other tools. Your choice of them based upon what you need. If you are an iPhone user, read our review of Apple’s iPhone Video Editor apps. 

Android Photo Editing Apps

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