Amazon spark is now ruling the online market

Amazon has come up with a new revolutionary idea, (Amazon spark) that is really going to give a relief to those who get aghast, when waiting in long lines.

Yet this perky launch is only for the users who actually are members of Amazon faction, though later it could reach others too. Well, Amazon spark is a type of social network where users can get to know about other products, shared by their friends and can also tell about their experience with the products.

Ok! So how does the new extension of Amazon works, first of all you should be using an iOS app and when chipping in to the spark, you have to click or select items of your interests that will help them to create a feed of your personalized contents from other amazon users that share your interests.

And then you can shop your own feed by simply clicking on the photos of the products that is displayed with a shopping bag icon, while the similes work as the like button.

Amazon spark's walkout technology is the perfect gift of the summer as you just need to have amazon virtual cards and just go gaga in the market, buy anything and go home.  


Amazon spark is now ruling the online market

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