Air Pod Max, Yay Or Nay

The Apple AirPods Max was officially released on December 8 in an article posted to the Apple newsroom over years of obvious delays. The company revealed its new headphones(over-ear).

Airpod Max

The specs include spatial sound, active noise cancellation, and much more. While what appears to be AirPods Max during the production phase, Apple reportedly had to remove some expected additional features such as the left- and right-side detection and a swappable headband. 


Apple’s choice to skip voguish touch controls in favor of a very traditional control dial, prompted by Digital Crown mostly on Apple Watch, was quite unexpected of all.

The price was higher than predicted since reports projected a $349 sports variant of Apple's headsets. However, the company released one in $549 AirPods Max design. Nevertheless, pricing still high but the demand for a new AirPods Max is indeed high this year.

AirPods Max is now available for pre-bookings and orders.


Comment down below your thoughts and would you buy a headset at this price?

Air Pod Max, Yay Or Nay

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