A guide to find best Android apps

So,here it is what you need, "five best android application".

  • Time hope

An android app that is just like your store room which stores your precious memories from past and draw together your rejoicing moments.

  • Evernote  

An android app that organize your data and saves your time by providing you what you actually need. It is an  online synchronization and backup services.

  • Spotify

A music app that brings you access to million of songs.The best thing is that it is easier to discover the new music.

  • Whatsapp

An android app that is very essential if you have friends and family across the world. The user can send messages, videos, photos over any WiFi connection or mobile data connection.

  • Periscope

Acquired by twitter, is an android app that lets you live video streaming to the world and contains a 24 hour's window with which you can replay the missing action.

A guide to find best Android apps

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