5 strong reasons to buy iPhone 8 over X

Apple's three new phones introduced in 2017 doesn't actually seem to be an improved version of its previous prototype, irrespective of their increased price rate.

The royal iPhone X, the most expensive of all iPhone was predicted as something worth intimating before its release, though after publicizing, it has become hard to sell.

5 Reasons for buying iPhone 8 

1- First and foremost, iPhone X honestly, is far more expensive than its worth. 

2- Second and the most serious reason of preferring 8 over X is that both are functionally identical as both are stimulated by A11 Bionic chip, neural engine and M11 motion coprocessor. 

3- Alike functionality, both have same charging speed. 

4- iPhone 8 is free of grooves, so that apps look perfect on the screen. 

5- And the Face ID stuff is really less reliable for those who are fond of doing experiments with their face. In that case touch ID is a very trustful system. 

5 strong reasons to buy iPhone 8 over X

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