5 essential travel apps

5 essential travel apps everyone should have


As the winter is almost over most of us have started planning our vacations. And by vacations we mean no stress,thanking our smartphones and the technology for making it easier for us, here are some of the free travel apps that are a must while you are on your vacation.


1.Google Maps

A web mapping application developed by google is a must while travelling.it helps find a place, location ,arrival time,departure time,live trafficking, vehicle speed and more.

This app is surely helping you at some point.



On a road trip and low on fuel ! That's alarming .Thanks to gasBuddy,this app uses GPS and location to find the cheapest and nearest gas station .It searches through the address or postcode and provides the best result.



MyTSA is an airport travel friendly app sponsored by the US government.it is a passenger friendly app that contains the information and rules you need to consider while travelling through some airline especially in the United States.

MyTSA provides live assistance. It also helps to check flight delays,crowd and weather conditions,moreover it also guides how to prepare to get through the security checkpoint.



CityMapper is also a web mapping app best for travelling in public transports while touring on vacations or in city life. This is an ultimate transit app that finds the best route,notifies delays along with real time departures.



Packing for a traveling trip can be tedious,we almost skip the most vital thing So PackPoint is here for the rescue.it is an intelligent app for organizing list to pack.A custom list can be created It comes with a friendly interface with multiple other features such as notifying your departure time and more.



Planning for a travel trip we have done some homework for you,here are some best travel destination picks for you this summer.

5 essential travel apps

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